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HUMISTY Mini Air Purifier

HUMISTY Mini Air Purifier

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Mini Air Purifier

  • USB MINI PORTABLE HUMIDIFIER: The USB portable mini humidifier is convenient to use in the living room, bedroom, car, and office and it can easily be plugged in any USB port. It pulls moisture back into the air to improve dry and itchy skin. It also has a soothing and relaxing effect.
  • SILENT MODE OPERATION: Portable mini humidifier has a low noise level (30 Db) and it will not affect your sleep and work.
  • 2 SPRAY MODES: Continuous spray mode for 4 hours and intermittent spray mode for 6 hours.
  • AUTOMATIC SHUT OFF: When the humidifier runs out of water, it will shut off automatically.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS DIFFUSER: Water soluble essential oils can be used for a pleasant aroma in your room and office.
  • COLORFUL LIGHT: Mini air humidifier has a colorful light that can be used as a dim night light for your room
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