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4Pcs Bathroom Accessories

4Pcs Bathroom Accessories

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Product Name: 4Pcs/Set Bathroom Accessories Set Transparent Liquid Soap Dispenser
Material: Glass stainless steel
Color: Silver, Black

Latex tank size: 8.2*19cm/3.22*7.47inch(D*H)
Brush pot can size: 8.2*11.9cm/3.22*4.68inch(L*W*H)
Cotton swabs can size: 7.5*8.3cm/2.95*3.26inch(D*H)

4Pc/Set Includes
1Pc* Pump Head Tank 
1Pc* Toothbrush Container 
2Pcs* Cotton Swab Jar 
2Pcs* Brush

Four-piece set: The five-piece bathroom set includes one latex tank, one cotton swabs can, one brush pot can and two brushes, which are very practical.
Simple design: Modern and simple style appearance design, the overall vision is beautiful and comfortable, simple and elegant.
Easy to clean: Easy to clean, the surface is polished and smooth, and the stains are easy to remove.
Good material: The product is made of high-quality glass and high-quality stainless steel, wear-resistant and durable, and has a long service life.
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