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Car Window Brush

Car Window Brush

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The fast rotating microfiber cleaning arm for cleaning your car's windows turns into a walk in the park, all with tap water - no aggressive chemicals needed! With the windshield wiper's swivel arm and built-in water sprayer, you can clean at hard-to-reach corners to make sure all your glasses are clean with no streaks. Microfiber cups make it easy to work with dust and grime on the glass, and when you're done, just wash and reuse.

Features and Benefits:
Glass cleaner without streaks
Simply fill with tap water - no harsh chemicals
Swivel head to access all angles
Reusable Microfiber Caps - Machine Washable
Button spray nozzle for easy cleaning
Use dry to dust off the glass and benchtops
Folds down for easy storage and travel
Useful for cars, mirrors, benchtops and more


Material: plastic 

Weight: 223g

Size: 200 x 310 x 40 mm

Package Content:

1 x set window brush 

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