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Daye Moda

Extendable Refrigerator Organizers

Extendable Refrigerator Organizers

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 Product Info:

Color: Light pink, Light blue, White, khaki
Size: 20.5x16.4x7.6cm, Extend to 28.5x16.4x7.6cm
Material: M
ade of PP plastic, strong, wear-resistant and high service life
Feature: Adjust the stand according to the size of your Personal belongings
Application: suitable for canned drinks, vegetables, meats, cheese, bagged vegetables and other food in the refrigerator, also suitable for the accessories of kitchen and other supplies
Usage: The refrigerator rack can be hung on the refrigerator shelves and stand on the table. Fits most standard size refrigerator shelves
Neat: keep your things tidy instead of lying around, and save space

Package included: 1 refrigerator storage rack



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