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T-type Plastic Garden Gardening Label Tag

T-type Plastic Garden Gardening Label Tag

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1. Made of high-quality PVC plastic, durable, waterproof, non-toxic, sun-proof and wear-resistant.
2. The T-shaped tip design can be easily inserted into the ground.
3. You can write on it to help you easily distinguish various plants.
4 Widely used in garden art plant identification, flower labeling, and seed labeling.

Product information:

Material pp
Use Gardening Flower Label
Specifications  5X7cm
Writable and erasable
Material Waterproof plastic
Attribute label

The product is used to cover the branches of plants, will not damage the plants, nor affect watering, fertilization, and sunshine. It is made of high-quality plastic PVC material, durable, waterproof and sun-resistant, suitable for marking various fruit trees and plants, and the surface can be marked with oil Pen writing is not easy to fade, can be used repeatedly, beautiful appearance, easy to use.

Package Content:

100 PCS 

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