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Supersonic Home Theater Projector Kit

Supersonic Home Theater Projector Kit

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Supersonic Home Theater Projector Kit

Elevate your visual experience with a massive 100-inch screen that ensures crystal-clear and immersive presentations or entertainment. Enjoy flexibility in positioning your screen with the included tripod stand, allowing you to find the perfect viewing angle effortlessly. Connect your devices seamlessly and transmit high-definition audio and video signals with the included HDMI cable for superior quality. Enhance your sound and video quality with the AV cable, ensuring a complete and immersive multimedia experience. Equip yourself with everything you need for impactful presentations or movie nights, including the 100" screen, tripod, HDMI, and AV cables, all in one package.

Features and Specifications:
One 100" Screen
One Tripod
One HDMI Cable
One AV Cable

Made In: China

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